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A little bit about my-self

Hi, I'm Maya- A yoga teacher, Pilates mat and equipment instructor, live and breath the dance world.

I started parcticing Pilates in order to improve the scoliosis in my spine that I was diagnosed with at young age.  I have fallen in love with it since.
I fell in love with the connection between body and mind,
 with the feeling of strength and confidence it gives me,
And with the change it has brought about in me - both mentally and physically.

I started practicing yoga with my release from the army. I was looking for something that would complete the triangle. I was captivated by the magic of yoga and the world beyond, and decided to study it in depth - I traveled to India and did a course with Yogi Dinesh.


In my classes, it is important for me to convey the meaning of the process,the connection between body and mind, listening to ourselves and finding our inner peace independent of external factors.

I invite you to fall in love with this world like I fall in love with it again and agin
 every day  ♥

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